Friday, December 23, 2011

12-23-11 Childhood Christmases Past

I just love looking at these old Christmas pictures. It seems most people didn't take a whole lot of pictures back in the day, or don't have the ability to digitize them, but I feel blessed to have such a treasure trove of memories to cull through.

Some favorites until I left home:

almost 5 months old, 1970

same year at "mammammy's house". Note the stocking. It's hanging at mom and dad's house right now.

1972: Note the one-fingered technique by the budding pianist who prefers to hold the seat and play standing up.

Smothering baby dolls since 1972. 

1973 stockings at mammammy's

1973 Dressed up for Christmas, presents disbursed from under the tree. 
Mrs. Beasley, Raggedy Ann and Andy seated as the audience.


Pensive, with a koolaid mustache.

Miss Groovy Pants plays with the nativity set Christmas Eve (note stocking)

Groovy Pants, the sequel, on Christmas morning

Groovy pants 1976 (first Christmas in our house on Sageville). 
Both wearing and receiving groovy pants excited me very much. 

Also 1976, when MeMaw came to visit the next day. 
These are not only groovy pants, but Raggedy Ann and Andy groovy pants. 

1977 the year of the board games

and super high tech gadgets like a DIGITAL clock.

1979 The 2XL 8 Track Cassette Robot I could not live without. I remember Mom telling me I might not get it (see bike in background... as well as dollhouse not pictured) but there he was under the tree after all.

This almost made up for being presented with My First Bra publicly. Almost.


I was in my puppet-show stage. (I never grew out of the more general Muppet stage.)

1981 First Christmas with Braces. Check out the polaroid camera.

and one ginormous puffy red hat

1982: the year of PacMan phones

And ATARI (see Frogger above) and year 2 of braces

1983 (ack and what a perm)

year #3 of braces

First of four Christmases where Aunt Dot and my cousins Walt and Christy came to visit.

1984: Brace Free and in 9th grade (with my new camera nearby)

BOOM Box baby

The whole family

1985. Sooooooo 1985. 


not sure where mamammy and grandaddy disappeared to this year...

1988: the year of the beret

This was our last year with Me-Maw, who had been in and out of the hospital all year. 
The bible I'm holding was the last gift from her.


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