Sunday, December 11, 2011

12-11-11 The Weekend in Pictures

Saturday morning I set the alarm to get up toward the end of the eclipse only to discover the tree was blocking my view. By the time I got dressed, in the jeep, and over to an unobstructed view, the sun was coming up and the eclipse was almost complete. See that teeny little sliver in the center, looking like a wisp of a cloud? That'd be the moon. 

We went to Mom and Dad's for the day. I managed to get something on my lens and take pictures, unknowing, hence the smear of the lower left on their tree.

For lunch we hit Culpepper's where Martin Anderson, owner and operater, and hailing from tiny cajun Oberlin, LA cooks up some fantastic cajun cuisine. Above is Bob with the Cajun Combeaux (red beans, jamabalaya, and corn machoux)

For dessert: bread pudding and beignets

Back at home for the evening it was time to whip up yet another batch of Snickerdoodles.

Jessie came over and Bruiser hid out in his tree fort, refusing to budge. 

Sunday, finally, we put up the outside lights. I don't think we've ever been this late before. They may well be staying up through New Years.

Of course, Sammi and I were standing out in the dark discussion how much better it would look if we sent the boys up on the breakable tile roof to put more lights around the upstairs windows, but I think I may settle for getting another couple of strings outlining the garage.

I do love the deep blue of the LEDs. 


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