Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12-21-11 About those Best Buy Santa Commercials...

By now I'm sure you've seen one or more of the Best Buy holiday commercials they've been running incessantly since November.

Basically, in every case, a shopper is thrilled to realize what a fantastic deal they're getting, a Best Buy employee says something like, "Santa better watch out, huh?" and the shopper lapses into a daydreaming coma about how they are going to stick it to Santa this time around.


Are there really people out there who see this and think, "FINALLY! I've wanted to stick it to Santa and show that guy up my whole life! Let's go to BEST BUY!"

Did advertising execs sit around and think, "Hey! The spirit of the season should be meanness and competition! Let's base our entire holiday commercial theme around that!"

So it was with some glee that I read the news today about the outrage of shoppers who can't stick it to Santa because, well, Best Buy is cancelling their orders here just days before Christmas.


I seriously want to make a follow-up commercial with Santa passing those mean-spirited shoppers' houses by with a rude gesture.

But then, that would be mean.

And much, much funnier.


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