Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12-7-11 Bruiser's Photo Op

Every morning, after Bruiser has been fed his kitty food from a can (neither of the other cats have shown any interest) he gets pouncy. Most mornings we humor him with the feather on a stick, which is why this LOLcat makes us laugh:

However, since I had the camera this morning, I decided it would be fun to capture a few of his crazy-eyed moments. 

That didn't work out so well...

To get him to really get to pouncing, you have to wave the thing around high over your head, quite wildly, like a real bird. Doing this with one hand and having the camera in the other doesn't make for the easier shots.

So I drafted Bob in to help before he left for work.

The Hallelujah Cat

And then, just like that, he's DONE. Nope. No more. Not interested.

And that flash is giving me a headache.


Maybe, just a little more. If you ask nicely and turn off the flash.


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