Friday, December 30, 2011

12-30-11 2011 Year in Review

I'd originally titled this "Wordless Year in Review" but then I realized this is post 728.

My life, 7 28

And I will not say I am terribly sorry to see this one hit the history books. 2011 was the year I thought I had to sell my house, leave Colorado, and move back to Texas. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep my job. Oh, yeah, and there was that little cancer scare thing going on at the same time.

But looking back, like every other year, I survived. That alone is worth celebrating.

I went skiing for the first time ever.

Took in the Ice Festival up in Cripple Creek


Played in the snow with my awesome pups on every occasion.

Hit Garden of the Gods half a dozen times.

And the trails around my neighborhood, too.

Went dog-sledding for the first time.

Spent time at Mom and Dad's

Cleaned out the house and had a garage sale


Celebrated Dad's 65th

Said goodbye to my dear friend Vicki

Watched my son graduate high school.

And got to be with family.


Played in the water

And there was pie.

More water.

New sleeping bag!

Ren Fest

Minor league baseball

Water. :)

Finally got to go camping this year.



They aren't both mine. But there was pie.

Celebrated 20 years

long walks

fun concerts

Move Nick to college

And there was pie.

More silliness

More hiking

More pictures!!

Met up with Vic in Phoenix

And there was pie.

Courtney came to visit. 

and there was pie.

Sammi started her internship at the zoo and we became members.

Did the 9/11 Stair Climb with Bob and Jessie

Hung out with Deana's pug, Bo Diddley (and Deana!)

Rocked out at the ZZ Top concert

Welcomed Bruiser into the family

Had a great pumpkin

And a tiger hat (from the zoo)

Saw the aspens turn golden another year.

Took walks in the rain (at the zoo)

Got to spend Deana's birthday with her 

Lost my Nano but got a whopper of an upgrade Ipod

Had a lovely Thanksgiving

and there was pie.

and beignets. And one awesome daughter.

which brings us back to Christmas...

And, of course, there was Christmas Pie.


And Christmas cookies.

and, once I can finish out the end of month and end of year, this is where you'll find me for a good part of the coming weekend, ringing in the New Year.