Friday, March 11, 2011

3-11-11 Something's got to give

Mom called this morning.

"You left me out!"

Wait, what? I called you first yesterday with the results.

"No! About the BLUEBELL!"


Major surgery/cancer scare < Bluebell ice cream in Colorado.

Got it.

Dad got in from Houston last night, so they were calling to see if we were free tomorrow for a visit. But tomorrow our realtors will be here helping us de-clutter/clean/ready the house for listing. (More on that later.)

So instead, they came on up today, which was very nice, since it's teacher workday and both Nick and Sammi could join us for lunch at Los Dos.

Dad came bearing Houston gifts -- Elmer's Heavenly Hash, made in Louisiana and not available in Colorado. It's primarily carried in Houston during March in the run-up to Easter.

I'd also found where in Colorado Springs they were rolling out Bluebell and emailed Mom and Dad this morning, so they'd already stocked up their freezer. But after lunch, just for kicks, we went back to the Walgreens and scored four $1 coupons, one of which I used on the Rocky Mountain Road, the special flavor only sold here on the Front Range.

So in our freezer now is Bob and Sammi's favorite, Dutch Chocolate; Nick's favorite, Strawberry (although they're only stocking Strawberries and Homemade Vanilla currently instead of the straight strawberry) and my Rocky Mountain Road.

What is Rocky Mountain Road you ask? (Drool)  Rocky Mountain Road is a rich, dark chocolate ice cream combined with dark chocolate-coated peanuts, milk chocolate-coated pecans, white chocolate-coated almonds, and roasted walnuts, all surrounded by a flavorful marshmallow sauce swirl. (\Drool)

In other, non-sugar, news. . . .

I've schedule a second opinion visit with a different gynecologist, hopefully to settle  my mind that this transabdominal hysterectomy is really the best decision. I actually hoping this second gyn says the same thing, because if she doesn't then I'm left with all the questions already threatening to overwhelm what little is left of my sanity. I am at turns terrified and terrified.

Dr. Watt's scheduler just called. Ideally, I'd like to do it on April 1st (yes, April Fools Day, completely appropriate) since that would allow me to get back from our trip to Huntsville, finish out the month for my dealers, and have the surgery on a Friday, home by the end of the weekend.

But guess what? They want to do it on the 25th. That would the Friday we are in Huntsville for Nick's Honors College Dinner. She's working on trying to get it set up after we're back.

But guess what? Dr. Watt's is ON VACATION the next week!

And guess what else? Bob has to be in Baltimore on April 14th (his birthday)!

Ok, this is the only time I'm going to do this, because it's so cathartic, and then the whining shall cease and desist:

1. Bob works for the Colorado School of Mines. For the past four years, every year, they've had to slash millions out of the budgets to get by. This coming year? Millions more. At what point do they start combing administrative jobs and letting people go? Will it be this year? Will it be Bob? Why? Because of TABOR. Quick explanation: TABOR, a state constitutional amendment adopted in 1992, limits the growth of state and local revenues to a highly restrictive formula: inflation plus the annual change in population. This formula is insufficient to fund the ongoing cost of government. By creating a permanent revenue shortage, TABOR pits state programs and services against each other for survival each year and virtually rules out any new initiatives to address unmet or emerging needs. . . . Under TABOR, higher education funding per resident student dropped by 31 percent after adjusting for inflation.

2. Starting in June, I will get only commission at my job, and things have slowed down so drastically in the past months that if something doesn't come along soon, I will be making half of what my base salary is now. 

3. Nick is leaving for college in less than six months, which means we have to start paying for college in less than six months. And because of this surgery, I will have used up all of my paid vacation time (no sick time available), so now I'm wondering if I shouldn't let the rest of the family go without me, which breaks my heart because this was going to be the only days we would have together on any kind of vacation at all this year. Add to that the fear that if the worst diagnosis comes to pass, and I feel like I might be missing out on . . .  never mind.

4. We are listing the house for sale in a week in the hopes we can get out from under this mortgage before summer. This will entail showings during which I am expected to be out of the house (with the dogs in tow), and still work. And I won't be able to drive for several weeks after the surgery, while the house is listed.

5. I am facing major surgery to remove AN ORGAN. Some women say its the best thing they've ever done. Other women swear it turned them into lifeless old women. And I went into the doctor a month ago for a routine exam and a little bit of pain. My stories don't quite match up with the women who've been crippled with pain and constant bleeding that see this surgery as a life-saver.

6. But if I don't do it, it's only going to get worse. And there's still the slight chance we're dealing with cancer, so I have to know. And thanks to yesterday's exam, pushing and prodding on it, I'm actually in a good bit of pain today. It's like she woke Squishy up and alerted him to his impending doom, so he's taking counter offensive measures. Very uncool.

7. My dog is sick. Bob is taking him to the vet in an hour. Hoping it's not something major because the thought of losing him or running up a big vet bill, in addition to everything else, might just send me into a fetal position at this point. Evan's happy face keeps me sane.

I've mentioned before that's it's been a pretty tough year so far, but there are a few more details to go on. It's not the whole story, but all I can really share on the blog right now.

So for my prayer warrior friends, thank you and keep 'em coming. Something's gotta give.

But at least there's Bluebell. :)


  1. Those are some seriously big tubs of ice-cream! :)

  2. Yum, that ice cream looks so good. So how do feel now that your on the other side? I can only imagine the fear that over took you in this instance. Thanks for linking up to Monday's Best!