Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3-22-11 Second Opinion

When I called to get Sammi's second dermatologist appointment last month, we took the only opening they had before we would have had run out of the first month's prescription. The way they have this program set up, if we'd gotten back from Texas we'd have been "outside" the refill zone and would have had to start over.

The only available was 7:00 a.m. Sammi was a trooper since this is her Spring Break and I blew her chance at sleeping in on Day 2.

We saw a young man who looked to be younger than Nick. Of course, he's a dermatologist. . . guess that helps with the super smooth skin and all. . .

Her blood work was normal, except for an elevation of her LDL. We decided it was best not to mention the cheesiest bacon potato casserole she'd eaten the night before the draw. She was also thrilled to here she wasn't going to have to pee in the cup because the blood work had all the results they needed. She's decided needles are nothing compared to the stress of having to pee on command.

As a reward, we stopped in at My Favorite Muffin and then I set about getting to work since I was going to have to be out for my second opinion.

At 9:00 the phone rings. It's the showing service wanting to schedule 11:00-12:00. Since I was leaving for the doc at noon, I pushed it back an hour and tried not to stress too much over cleaning for the fourth showing in four days.

This meant Nick would have to take the dogs and Sammi this time around. Sammi's plans to get laundry done was scuttled until after 1:00, but of course I'd already packed and had to load up everything in the car since it was sitting on the bed. (Gasp.)

Bob got home and we got the kids and the dogs off and headed out for Rose Hospital, which is pretty much in the center of Denver. I'd called my primary doc for another recommendation and she had given me Dr. G's name, thinking she was still associated over at Sky Ridge, a hospital not too far away. But when I called, her only office was now at the Rose. I went ahead and took the appointment since I'd rather have one long drive and be certain she was highly recommended.

I'd gotten Nick to run over to my primary care doctor earlier this morning to pick up a copy of my ultrasound and MRI results and I brought them along. We got there early enough to grab a sandwich at Subway, when I poured back over the measurements and the indecipherable medical jargon. I keep coming back to the phrase "majority of the pelvic cavity," probably because it's one of the few I could understand.

We feed coins into the parking meter (10 cents for 5 MINUTES, not 10 cents for 5 cents like I said to Bob) and were walking into the building at 1:00 when the phone rings. It's the showing service.

It flashed through my head that the kids would have NO clean laundry to pack at all, since I was about to have to call my not-quite-infinitely patient son again. Turns out, they want to show the house TOMORROW afternoon.

Whew. Yes, yes, yes. Sammi and I are packing up and going to my parents tonight with the dogs in tow while Bob and Nick head out for their trip to SHSU in the morning. Five showings in five days.

Into the office, and into the piles of new patient paperwork. Dr. G's nurse takes us back and mentions she's got two women at the hospital in labor and it looks like the rest of the afternoon is going to have to be rescheduled. The whole time she's reading over my results, I'm waiting for that beeper to go off.

Good thing I'd brought a copy with me. The faxed ones weren't anywhere to be found, probably because they didn't have a chart to file them in.

Has anyone else noticed the clock is only really loud when you're sitting there quietly waiting for a doctor to finish reading your impenetrable medical jargon.

And she agrees, the TAH is really the best way to go due to the vascular issues and the protection against anything cancerous being spread. She also suggested beefing up the iron rich foods and supplements now so I'm not anemic at surgery.

And then the beeper went off and away she went to deliver a baby. I remember being in labor wondering where in the heck my doctor was. Those ladies in the office can darn well reschedule! So I'm thankful I got my second opinion in just in time.

So we're set for April 7. My goals are to stop reading about uterine cancers and horror recoveries until then.


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