Sunday, March 27, 2011

3-27-11 Morning surprise

Wasn't expecting this when I stumbled out of bed this morning to let the dogs out. . .

Usually you can see the city, instead, it's all ice fog.

In the early morning light there are certain things, like the neighbors telescope that look like an archway has opened across the way.

By request on our last breakfast of our Spring Break escape . . . more cinnamon bread :)

Since the heaviest thing I packed was a light workout jacket, Mom pulled Dad's Smoky the Bear sweatshirt out for me to stay warm in, so we matched over breakfast.

We'll wait out the icy stuff and head back after lunch. We had another showing yesterday, so hopefully if they call again for any time today I'll know it before we hit the road. Bob and Nick are already headed out from Dumas, so we should all be back home by late afternoon, with piles of laundry and some very irritated kitties. 


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