Friday, March 25, 2011

3-25-11 YouTubers

Michelle Kenway is an Aussie physiotherapist who has put a number of simple, helpful videos: how to get out of bed after surgery, how to focus on deep breathing that aids in healing, etc. The accent helps. ;)

I found Michelle's quiet, straightforward videos after I'd just blindly plugged in "abdominal hysterectomy" and gotten a slew of results all over the place. I've watched most of the surgical ones already.

One of them, though, got me giggling almost immediately. I know, I'm pretty weird.

It wasn't the incision or the blood of Dr. Abdul Vahab's video, it was the freaking music! I am not alone in finding this amusing. One of the comments echoed my first thought, "what's with the music? It's surgery, not a workout video!" And what's with the title? Easy Steps? Is this for the do-it-at-home contingent? Do the same people leaving victims in ice-filled bathtubs missing kidneys need primers on yanking out uteruses (uteri?) now? Why do I have a vision of Dr. Vahab that looks like this?

And maybe it's my imagination, but I'd swear he's yanking that poor organ out in beats to the music. Compared to the staid teaching videos that have about half the "action" of this guy's work, I'm thinking my very quiet, straightforward female doctor is a Godsend. (The fact that she has a degree in German literature is just icing on the cake.)


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