Saturday, March 26, 2011

3-26-11 Letterbox FAIL

Sammi was not pleased to hear we were going letterbox hunting. I promised her the fresh air and sunshine would do her good. The doc upped her meds and she's not tolerating the extra dose well, lots of stomach and joint pain, rash, etc. So curling up on the couch is very tempting. But like I told her, she has to remind me after surgery in 10 days how good it feels after you make yourself move, even when you don't want to.

So we took our letterbox directions and set out in the Stratton Open Space to try and locate it.

The wind had been fierce this morning going to breakfast at Cracker Barrel, but it died down to a cool breeze by the time we were climbing around rock and looking under trees.

Sammi perked up, too!

Evan is always perked up.

But we crapped out on the letterbox. The map and instructions kept contradicting each other, too many sub trails, too many Ponderosa pines. Really, why not choose a spruce or something less common?

No matter, this is the fun of it; the treasure is really in the hunting. :)


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