Monday, March 21, 2011

3-21-11 I give

If anyone finds the white flag I can wave at the Universe in surrender, please let me know.

I am currently sitting in the parking lot of my work so I can still be connected . . . with two dogs in the backseat wondering when the heck they can get out of the car.

This would be after a fruitless search for a wireless network anywhere closer that would keep me connected. No luck with the Tattered Cover, drove over to Schlotzkey's and managed to get on, but couldn't stay on. Can't be away from the IM, so I gave up and drove to AWN. This means when I can go back home, it will be rush hour, I am still supposed to be connected, and I will be stuck in traffic.

I got the call at 3:00, "So and so realtor would like to show your house from 3:30 to 4:30". Ummm, yeah, even with the constant cleaning, I've got two kids on Spring Break and I work here all day. I don't really think I can be out of here in less than half an hour. So we decide on 4:00-5:00 which gives me enough time to dump out the soaking bowl from lunch and stick it in the dishwasher still caked with baked on cheese just so it won't be seen. Turn on all the lights, open the blinds, sweep the floor for the millionth time (because of the dryness and the wind, it's hopeless), forward the work phone, sign off from the computer at the last possible second, grab the leashes, link up the dogs, hop in the car, and waste time trying to find a place to work from. . . .

Add to this the cancellation of the little vacation I'd been planning and missing out on Nick's first trip to SHSU as a student, and I'd really like to lay down arms against whatever force seems to think I'm a danger or threat.

Okay. . . positive thoughts. . .happy place. . .  here we go:

Possible upswing at work, nothing firm yet, but hopeful that another account may be in the works.

Not going to Texas means I still have a few days of vacation in case there are complications from the surgery. After reading a couple of horror stories about the literally hundreds of stitches they have to do on a hysterectomy, and the women who tried to do too much too soon, I'm very thankful to have a job where I can lie on the bed and still be able to work. But having a few extra days won't hurt either.

Third showing of the house in three days is inconvenient, but it means we might find a buyer.

Of the two previous showings, one was a "not interested" but the other was a "you're currently on the short list" -- one out of two ain't bad.

We've been getting into the habits of getting everything ready as though there is always a showing as much as possible, so I WAS able to get out the house and have it show ready in half an hour.

Mom and Dad are supplying tables for the garage sale and now that I will be here this coming weekend, I'll have more time to price and sort and get ready than I would have in the evenings of the week leading up to it.

Mom and Dad are providing a cool hospital table for me to work from, so I don't have to figure out how to type on a laptop without having it on my lap.

Evan is fully back to health.

Nick broke the 190 pound mark this week in his quest to bulk up for college football. He's doing great. Prayers for open hearted coaches who will see what an amazing young man and athlete they are getting.

Sammi is out with a friend so she didn't have to get drug around with the dogs in this crazy "find a spot mom can work from" adventure this afternoon.

I am feeling pretty good today and am so thankful I wasn't suffering from the severe fatigue that hit me Saturday when all of this happened.

Just spoke to Mom who suggested spending some time with them the rest of the week to work without having to worry about the house getting messed up or hauling the dogs out while we hopefully get tons of showings our first week on the market. Since I'm currently sitting here in the very warm car (yes, the windows are down) waiting for someone to need something done and dreading the slow traffic at 5:00 back home, I'm am thinking this is a fantastic  idea!


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