Thursday, March 24, 2011


Happy Birthday to Mammammy on what would be her 88th.

10 Favorite Photos

Looking through the archives, there are no pictures from her childhood at all. The first I can find (above) looks to be taken in the early 40s.

But this is the Mammammy I remember. 

When she was little, her older brothers thought it was funny to hold her under water. She never got over the fear of it and the most she would do in the pool was stand in the shallow end, never with her head under. This would explain the firm grip she's got on the back of my shirt. 

Memories of going to Mammammy's house (and her footies. I think she bought them by the gross.)

And Mammammy's room. 
This especially. The omnipresent recliner and ashtray, the bed I would crawl under with  my stuffed animals, the black table where she stowed KitKats and Three Musketeers in the bottom drawer for me to have after school. The drawer was right over the handgun she kept loaded.

I remember that coat -- it had a silky lining on the inside so when I hugged her it felt good on my skin.

(After I scooped up a tiny bit of snow I could find and hit her with it.)

But she hated to have her picture taken. Most times, I'd have to sneak up and catch her off guard and then get scolded. But it was very worth it.


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