Friday, March 18, 2011

3-18-11 Friday Morning

Monday morning, the sky was beautiful at sunrise, so I grabbed the camera to capture it. This is what I got:

I spent the next half hour working through the menus and removing the lens to check that it was clean, and still, no focus. I'd just used the thing yesterday with no problems. Really? Am I going to be without my camera in the middle of everything else? 

Monday night, Bob showed me the tiny switch on the underside of the lens marked "AF/M". Auto focus had been switched off. Heh. Okay, score one for brain fog.

So this morning, I thought I'd snap a picture of Fisher beside me in all his glorious pissyness in the warm light of the lamp.

 So I could contrast that against the cool snowy light of this Friday morning. 

However, there was just one problem. . . .

Someone else thought it was time to play.

Honestly, woman. You open the door and stand there, you MUST want to throw the ball. . .  

(Tail wagging causes a little fan pattern in the snow that makes me laugh)

During this exchange, Katy has received the doggy telepathy and come up out of the basement to join us in our stare off. You know you want to throw the ball. Throw.It. Throw.It.Now. .  .

Evan poses with the ball to charm me into stepping into the ice in bare feet to picking it up.

Ball in hand, I resume the staring contest. 

Katy is now staring at Evan, who is staring at me, staring at him. She always stays behind him so when he moves, she can head in the direction of the ball and get it first.

She brings it back and we start all over again. This could go on until all the snow has been wiped clean on the deck.

What was I out here again for? My feet are really cold.

Oh, right. . . . warm kitty, cold morning. . . 

Friday morning March 18, 2011

Brain fog wandering isn't half bad, if you're willing to go with it.


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