Saturday, March 26, 2011

3-26-11 SHSU Trip

Bob just called from the Wichita Falls Whataburger as they are about halfway back to Dumas from Huntsville today. The picture above was taken on Thursday at lunch as they were on their way down to Huntsville. And in between I think they've Whataburgered three other times. Maybe that will hold them over for a few months.

Hoping to see Nick on one of these banners soon!

With cousin Heather at the Bearkat Onecard office, getting his picture taken for his card.

Off to lunch with Kristi to Mr. Hamburger which reopened this month at its new location. Lines are out the door.

It was Orange Crush Friday around campus, and Nick ran into Sammy Bearkat near the card office.

The campus has changed quite a bit since Bob and I were students. Right now the blooming azaleas and trees are very pretty. I forget it really looks like spring down there.

The big events are still held at the Lowman Student Center, where the Honors College Dinner was held Friday night. Nick called after it was over and said a man had come up to him and said, "That's clearly not the first time you've worn this suit, you look like a pro." He gave him his card and told him if he needed anything to give him a call. He turned out to be the Provost & VP of Academic Affairs.

Nick discovered that when he makes the team, he will be the first ever Honors College student athlete. Let's get this started! Six weeks to graduation . . . 


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