Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3-23-11 Relaxation

Watching the dawn with mom's homemade cinnamon bread and coffee is bliss

I was trying to pinpoint why I feel so relaxed visiting my parents' house. . .

sunrise over the pines and scrub oak

the ticking of the grandfather clock and its chimes on the hour

the view of the mountains and the trees up high over the city

basking in the warm afternoon sun and listening to the wind and the birds

the warm electric blanket on my bed in the basement where it's always dark and cool

the meals around the table with things I only eat here, like smoked cheese and dilled garlic, and mom's homemade pimento cheese

the sounds of my mom and dad talking in other rooms

listening to the news at 4:00 in the afternoon and hearing Dad's westerns on the TV

Dad grilling on the deck

I even worked out on the deck this afternoon and now have about a thousand freckles sprouting on my arms that have the first flush of color.

The showing service called with two more appointments, so by tomorrow we will be at 7 showings in 6 days. And I was thrilled to not even have to pay attention to the times. Sure, whenever, come one come all.

I don't have to abandon ship at a moment's notice, or tote dogs around, or try to find a workable internet connection from the car, or clean, or do laundry, or cook for the rest of the week. Ahhhhhhh.

Even the dogs are relaxing, when Mom and Dad aren't taking them for walks or playing fetch. . .

My wind serenade this afternoon

Yummy guacamole burger! and you can just see the pink chest, thanks to an afternoon on the deck :)