Sunday, March 20, 2011


Purple mountain majesty on the way to Colorado Springs.

Nick in deep thought on the road.

Rudy's sign at Monument means we're getting close. . . 

Many moons ago, as I was leaving home for college, I made some collages as presents that hang at mom and dads. It had been a long time since I'd really looked at them, and I realized quite a few are prints that I never found among the slides and pictures I'd digitized. So  . . . .

Fashion plate!

 I like the mid-crossing of the leg action here. Not sure if I'm trying to play and dance at the same time.

I have several of me on this day in the mimosa tree in the front of my grandparents' house in Mexia, but not this one.

More books!

Me at my most demure. . . that didn't last.

And finally a picture of Mammammy with me and a book!

Before I hated talking on the phone.

And my Peter Rabbit jumper! This is what I need for my next Easter dress, for sure.


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