Saturday, March 12, 2011

3-12-11 Spring Cleaning

We have been having unseasonably warm weather this week, enough so that we threw the windows open this morning. Good thing, since it was Spring Cleaning day. We're not done (we're never done) but I feel like we made good progress on the place, lots of elbow grease needed, but seriously less cluttered than it was a week ago.

It goes on the market a week from today.

Prayers for the perfect family to walk in, fall in love with it like we did, and make the perfect offer before the end of the month. . . .

Heather, you have gone above and beyond any realtor. To say I am deeply grateful for your willingness to help us knock off some of the dirt in our quest for shininess is an understatement. I am admittedly terrible at being able to see what needs doing, and I appreciate your patience and guidance so much.

The fruits of our labor:

Standing at the front door

Looking back at the front door

The Kitchen

Our room

The Loft/My office

This morning there were five more major pieces of furniture in this room, four of which lined this wall!

Bob has generously given up his chair to Nick in the basement (and we're getting rid of the love seat that was in there) and is returning to his corner of the couch. Now Katy can visit him for pets.

Evan and I plan on staying in exactly this spot for the rest of the night. Whew.

The really freaky thing is I just discovered that it was exactly four years ago today, March 12, 2007, when we first set foot in this house, took pictures of it for the first time, and made an offer on it that night. The fact that I just walked through and took pictures of it again on exactly this day without being aware of it is kinda cool. 

Here's 3/12/07

Our first steps into what would  become our home

Ben and Heather from the front door.

The couches, before our demon cats, who had never touched our leather furniture from Texas, messed both of them and the carpet up. $@^% cats. Maybe we should put in the disclosure the cats are staying, too.

Look Heather! It's the hutch! :)

The Loft

The Master Bedroom from the same angle as the one taken today.

The kids have changed just a little in the past four years, too, huh?

In other news:
Update: Evan's vet appointment yesterday diagnosed him with a bacterial infection, so now he's getting turkey and cheese treats with pills hidden instead twice a day. He doesn't seem to mind a bit. It wasn't expensive, either. Good news. Yay!

Still to do house-wise: We'll have to start box hunting to clear out the garage, where everything ended up today as we were decluttering. I'm still not sure how to set up a garage sale and get anything else done in the little bit of time I've got before the surgery  (it sure isn't happening after the surgery!) And I've got about a dozen more things I want to get done in the next week, but that's enough for now. I'm beat.

I haven't had a lot of pain today this evening, which is probably because I got up and got moving first thing and didn't stop until now. I'm irritated that I'm feeling sicker now than I was last week and as much as I tell myself it's all in my head, it's not. It's getting worse. :( But His grace is sufficient and God is good, regardless. Thank you again for the messages, calls, and positive thoughts that have been poured out for me. This whole experience, but especially the love being expressed is wonderfully humbling.


  1. Your home is beautiful!! The hard work was definitely worth it! My best wishes to you and Bob in getting a quick sale!

  2. I could fit my tiny Parisian apartment into any one of the rooms in your house! I wish I had that much space... Jealous!