Monday, August 1, 2011

7-24-11 Breaking Camp: the end of the trip

When I emerged from my tent at 5:45 Sunday, Mom and Dad pretty much had their tent already packed and ready for loading. It would still be 9:45 before we hit the road for home. That's a LOT of stuff to pack.

So we had one last morning fire while we worked.

I had a few teary moments looking at old blue. This would be her very last time to be taken down. She's got the funk, patches galore, duct tape holding parts of the floor together. It's time to let her go. Still . . . she's part of my childhood.

Bob split up the last of the wood while the coffee percolated and we set to work on getting our tent cleaned out.

Break for breakfast -- mom's cinnamon bread! Note there is now a different tent where our tent once stood. Just before breakfast as we were rolling up ours, a guy pulled up and asked what time we were heading out and if we wouldn't mind if he left his tent here so he could claim the spot. Bob told him he wasn't sure he didn't have to make reservations to hold a spot, but the guy said he'd checked up with the host who had told him it would be first come, first serve.

Post-breakfast, it was time to haul everything up to the trailer for Dad to pack it and tie it down. It was about this time that the camp hosts showed up and were shocked to find that someone was trying to squat the space. Apparently there had been some miscommunication between Gene and June about which spots DID have reservations, and ours was one of them. She had to leave him an eviction notice on the tent. We were hoping to be gone before that ugly scene played itself out.

And in the meantime, we played.

And visited the river one last time to play there, too.

Dad played along with the log picture once we was finished packing.

And then we said a fond farewell and hit the road.

We caught sight of Penis Hill on the Pagosa Springs mural!

Back up and over!

One last snack for the road after a pit stop.

"Fun Valley" is a spot along the way that looks like the antithesis of fun. Hundreds upon hundreds of RVs squashed right up beside one another in a giant parking lot of "camping". Ewwwww.

I also had to get this shot. The U-Haul trailer has its speed limit painted on the wheel wheel to reflect in Dad's mirror. Must've been more like a helpful guideline than a rule ;)

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