Sunday, August 14, 2011

8-14-11 it comes in threes

It comes in threes, so in terms of the possibilities, this round wasn't too bad.

1. Our Dish receiver in the living room died. They are sending a new one to swap it out, should be here Monday. (And we've spend the weekend watching Rome again.) Cost =$0.

2. The Drier died. Well, not dead, but both the timer and the heating element went out. When I assumed someone had re-upped the drier late in the day when I walked past, I was mistaken. When I found it still running the next morning, I caught a clue. No heat but 24 hours of tumbling will dry your clothes, it turns out. Cost = $60 for the HomeShield call. If we need a new part, it's covered. If we need a new drier, it's covered.

3. Mom came in Saturday and said, "Nick's car tags are expired." And so they are. Ooops. Luckily, no tickets. Tomorrow we'll get that caught up and get him off to school without discovering it after he was pulled over. Cost = $200 (thanks Colorado. I do miss the $55 Texas fees . . . )


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