Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8*24*11 Then and Now

Then: We thought we had a primo set-up -- our camera guy had TWO of those giant over the shoulder video cameras they made back in the early 90s to edit the films together for our wedding. So the productions values are definitely of their time, but that was then . . .

Highlights in clip 1:  the meringue on my head, my winking at the word "obey" (which technically renders this promise null and void, right?) and Bob's ring that would not get on his finger.

Highlights in clip 2: Cakes done wrong. Bride's Cake Specs Ordered: a 6 tier with my music box on top. Got: a four tier with the music box underneath and another two layer to the side. Groom's Cake Specs Ordered: an oval Batman symbol, as in the whole cake is iced as the symbol. Got: Hmph. Tasted good, though.

Highlights of Clip 3: See if you can spot yourself in fine 90s fashion and hair. 

(Throwing things: self explanatory.)

And the send-off (with credits!)

And this is now :)

Definitely not 21 any more.

Dinner at my favorite. We debated trying some fancy "romantic" restaurant, but in the end opted for what we actually like.

Vic, this one's for you.

Great picture of the guacamole. Not sure what Bob was doing, though.

Wednesday is Mariachi night, too!

And afterward? Pie, of course!!

20 years comes and goes like the dusk. You just have to stop and take it all in for the beautifully brief moment that you can.


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