Monday, August 29, 2011

8-29-11 Photo Food Log

 Calories: 175 (plus creamer in the coffee all morning = 60 more calories)

 Calories: 400

 Calories: 100 

Calories = 450 

Total for the Day: 1185 Calories

Baseline goal is 1250, which means I earned a cookie! (if only I HAD a cookie. . . ) One 40 calorie Dove Chocolate will do it.

I will say, this is a good strategy for me. I though about several things that I decided: 1) wouldn't look good in the picture and 2) would look like too much food. 

I was relieved that I started measuring the creamer I was putting in my coffee and wasn't loading in 200 calories a cup like I feared. I also broke the coffee into two pots -- one for Bob to take on the road and a second one where I add my beloved cinnamon, which somehow makes me less in need of creamer. I think the spice takes an edge off the bitterness of black coffee. 

And get this: Of the 9 "Bad" Foods That You Should Be Eating, over half of them were in today's meals.


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