Monday, August 1, 2011

7-31-11 Sunday Fun

This past weekend was "moving" weekend. Behold, Nick's ex-room, cleaned out and awaiting the delivery of Sammi's furniture on Monday, which is an early sweet 16 present from Mom and Dad. You can see the bleach spots on the carpet and the bulletin board from Nick's exploding hair dye experiment. Time for some fabric for the board and a throw rug!

On Sunday afternoon Sammi and I braved the opening weekend of IKEA, since we were in the market for throw rugs, a futon couch, some curtains, pillows, and fabric.

The traffic was horrendous, with hundreds of people hired to move thousands into a very limited parking space for a ginormous store. As we were walking the half mile to the entrance from where we could park, the helpers were hollering it was about an hour wait to get inside.

Did that dissuade us? Pbbbhhhht.

The queues were set up on the hot concrete, winding in and out and around, with volunteers handing out fans and bottle of water. But we were in the store within 20 minutes. We're too used to Disneyworld's lies about wait times to buy the hour-wait fear mongering.

We walked without stopping for an hour. We didn't buy a thing. There were some interesting things, but nothing that really caught our fancy.

The dandelion light made some cool shadows on the wall, but the shadows were much more fun than the bizarrely fuzzy texture of the light itself.

And at this point I turned to Sammi and ask, "When did Tim Burton/Beetlejuice style go mainstream?"

So after an hour of our shopping workout, we left as the hordes continued to pour in. I really think some people were just snatching up a $4 bowl because after all that, who could stand to leave empty handed? Well, we did, quite happily.

Later that evening, I got yet another birthday extension by getting taken out to eat. But first, Bruiser got some cuddles. He's fitting in very nicely without the menagerie. In fact, it seems like he's kind of the great equalizer -- now all three cats hang out in each others vicinity quite peacefully.

Me and my Mango Crush at Outback, mmmmm. 

And afterwards we went to get the comforter and throw pillow and curtains Sammi decided on and played around in the hats and scarves. She also picked up a coffee mug (which will house ONLY hot chocolate) for school each morning.

On the way home, there were some very cool lighting effects among the storm clouds behind the mountains.


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