Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8-1-11 The New Room

Behold, Sammi's new pad! (in progress)

I can guarantee you this will be the cleanest it will ever look. My child is a tornado. Electronic gizmos go crazy around her. She checked-in for school (starting a week from today!) and the scanner for the textbooks stopped working. She stepped away and it started again. Her laptop, cell phone, and ITouch do things no other laptop, cell phone or ITouch does for anyone else. It's bizarre. Things get broken and lost in the vortex of her energy on a daily basis. 

The futon was an early birthday present from us. Sammi and I trucked to Walmart to pick it up last night. I have discovered the secret for service at Walmart. Walk in and play the mom and kid wanting to buy a big piece of furniture and look helpless. Greeter man called walkie-talkie woman, who called for walkie-talkie man in furniture, who got there before we did with a flat trolley, moved the beat-up looking futon box OFF the top of the pristine one and loaded the pristine on onto the trolley, walked us up front, opened a register to check us out, then wheeled it out and loaded it in our car. I have never gotten in and out of Walmart faster.

So she's enjoying her new spot and we're waiting to see if Nick forgets and heads down to the basement his first night back. 

Bruiser, who likes to hang out with Sammi, takes up most of the top of her nightstand whilel Katy stands watch . . . 

Meanwhile, upstairs, the Sammi tornado has torn through the house. What you see below is the project Sammi has spent most of the day on -- deciding what is donate-able and getting it sorted and bagged up, what's trash and getting it out to the garbage, vacuuming and dusting. 

Tonight, the mess of Nick's "new" room will get moved into Sammi's old space, including the installation of my fantastic and gigantic drawing table that Dad got for me when I was 19 and that graced my first apartment and every home I have lived in ever since. Of course, it needs refinishing by now, but that's another project for another day.

The main goal here is to get what you see above cleared out before Nick gets home from Texas tomorrow night and doesn't have the ability to reach the bed. It's important to have goals, you know. :)


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