Monday, August 22, 2011

8-22-11 Remember

Here's the best part. I am finishing reviewing this video this morning, tears streaming down my face (happy, bittersweet tears) and my cell rings. It's Nick needing to know the room numbers for his classes because the system is down and he can't pull them up to figure out where to go. He remembers the buildings, just not the specific rooms. Of course, since the student system is down, I can't get in that way either and have to remember some of the tricks of the trade on campus websites to get the info. I'm wiping away tears and squinting through the tiny links to find and text him the rooms so he doesn't have to be one of the hapless freshmen stumbling into class while the instructor is already talking.

It strikes me, life is so much like that. Those wonderful pictures above can never tell the whole story -- the tired feet and complaining about waits, and "when are we going to eat?" and "why do we have to get up so early?" -- being in the moment is always that constant, irritating balance between the insane, the banal, and the sublime. Looking back on the moment, from a distance, with gratitude and love for all of it, is so much sweeter.


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