Saturday, August 20, 2011

8-20-11 my lovely Saturday photoblog

All photos look better clicking on them . . . you know, if you have an hour to waste ;)

 5:30 a.m., the moon and the star while the dogs go out

 Dawn coming up from the east 

 Coffee on the deck with my dogs

 Setting out on our walk before 7:00 at Red Rocks Canyon, not too many else out here yet.

 I love how excited Evan becomes when he sees me coming up the trail.

We hit up the farmer's market and had breakfast on the deck including the fresh Rocky Sweet melon (hybrid of Rocky Ford Canteloupe and Honey Dew). Banged out the rest of the laundry, hit up another market for fresh tomatoes, noshed on lunch, and then headed out for the afternoon mountain drive.

 See ya later, Colorado Springs!


 wild strawberries

 The first gold of autumn is already showing.


 Soaring hawk

 Back on Mom and Dad's street, Mama and one of her two babies (the other was a punk and waiting until they were out of the shot to come bounding up behind them.)

Back down to the Springs, almost 30° warmer!


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