Saturday, August 13, 2011

8-13-11 Full Day Saturday

It was Nick's last Saturday "at home." We move him into the dorm on Thursday. This is not to say he won't be back many weekends with laundry, and hungry, and happy to be home, but it will never be the same. Something becomes irretrievable after that first time you leave home to live elsewhere. It's an inevitable shift and we all know its coming, which makes the last few days all the more precious.

So today Mom and Dad came up and we all went up to Echo Lake for lunch.

From the first weekend we became Coloradoans to this last at home:

Homemade Buffalo Chili!

AND PIE, of course. Homemade the lot of the them: cherry, chocolate peanut butter . . .

And coconut cream, my favorite!

We found YAY magnets, and about half of them are things I love, LOL

After lunch Bob, Mom and I walked from the Lodge around the lake. Dad and Nick drove the cars (and Sam) down to the other end to meet us. Along the way, we found a momma duck and four babies sunning themselves on a log.

Then it was time to head down the other side of the mountain and back to town.

I love this curve. It appears you are driving off into the sky.

After Mom and Dad headed back to the Springs, we hit the mall to get Bob and Nick pants and see what we could rustle up in the sales for Sammi.

Bob shows off his new shoes:

We completely struck out with Sammi on regular school clothes. But we did score two great dance dresses for her, the red one for $10 and the blue for $15.

And? We found blue chucks in her size. I told her she could wear them with the blue dress.

Long, fun day, and a great sunset to boot.


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