Friday, August 5, 2011

8-5-11 Finally Friday

This week just seemed to drag. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the extended time I was awake every day, right?

Today was the first day I didn't set the alarm for 4:45 and I still woke up then (and rolled over for another hour of sleep . . . ). Today was the "off" day because tomorrow we are attacking Herman Gulch, the hike we tried at the start of June. I think it's going to be all four us, and maybe Evan, although that's a tricky situation. If I leave Katy behind, I'm doing what's best for her, because the first 1.5 miles is too strenuous for her. She'd be unable to make it. But if I leave Katy behind, I'm going to have to deal with those giant brown eyes wondering what she did wrong to be left behind. If I don't take Evan, I'm not doing what's best for him, because as a young border collie, he needs a lot more exercise than he's currently getting. And if I leave him behind (even with Katy) I will still have another pair of giant brown eyes to deal with.

On this count, cats are much easier. There is no debate over whether any of them should or could accompany us on an outing.

The latest fur-pictures of the week:

Bruiser likes to have his whole belly chilled by the sheets, so he shoves his hind legs out straight behind him.

Faith, always cold, stays tucked up and under at all times.

Evan displays no modesty whatsoever for tummy rubs.

This is the way we know Bruiser is finished playing with his string. He just.stops.

Katy and Bruiser commune.

Bruiser by lamplight.

Faith, "There staring again, aren't they?"

and so it goes. . .


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