Friday, August 19, 2011

8-19-11 Drier-less

Every year about this time Bob has the unwelcomed task of working 12 days straight for new student weekend. This is the weekend. 

Add to this, the fact that I still don't have a clothes drier (scheduled for Tuesday!) and it was decided that a weekend trip to Mom and Dad's was in order for Sammi and me. 

On the way down we got a good look at the Green Mountain Estates fire that started up earlier this afternoon just north of the Air Force Academy. 

So far, no evacuations and no structures damaged. One good change of wind, though and the houses you see in the foreground could be in trouble.

So I'm tucking in with a dog by my side and the alarm set for the late, late wake up time of 5:30 so we can go walking at sunrise and hit up the farmer's market after that.

And two loads of laundry, already done ;)


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