Saturday, August 13, 2011

8-13-11 Full Moon Friday

One of the (many) bonuses of living where we do is that we sleep with the windows open every night in the summer. Some days they don't shut at all, but in August, most afternoons we are closing up the house and turning on the AC until night falls. Some summer nights, though, the wind becomes an issue with the blinds down; they are metal and make this annoying clanking sound over and over. At that point, you either close the windows enough to keep the wind from pushing the blinds around, or you can pull the blinds up completely. 

Last night, with the blinds up and the wind making the curtains billow out like a sail, we had the full moon lighting up the night. Of course, I had to play.

But honestly, my little camera doesn't have the lens (or the expertise behind the lens) to really be able to capture what I'm seeing. 

Woo-hoo, pinpoint of light . . . 

So, instead, I set the camera to do things "wrong" just to see what comes out. Bruiser sat in the window to stare at the moon with me, so his silhouette was fun to use with aperture wide open. I get that "end of the world meteorite hurtling to earth" image because even though I am sitting as still as humanly possible, it captures my heart beating as the light filters into the lens. Bruiser seems quite content with this end of the world scenario.

Shutter speed at 8:

 Wide open aperture when Bru decided to hop down

Leaving me alone with my goodnight moon . . .


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