Sunday, August 21, 2011

8-21-11 quick Nick trip

Got back from the Springs and took Sammi to see "The Help" (which I liked). As we were leaving the theater, I checked my texts and saw that Nick had sent me a message. He was out of his prescription meds. My first thought was, no problem, we'll call Target and get them to refill them in Greeley.

Not exactly. He's gotten them refilled. He just hadn't PACKED them.

So Bob and I took an impromptu road tip (neither of us were really complaining, of course) to deliver his meds, and several other things he'd left behind.

This did allow me to take some "unpacked" pictures of the dorm:

Unpacked is a relative term. I think it's going to look this way all year.

So we got our delivery made, a quick hug, and then left. I told Bob it was kind of like when you break up, then you see the person again too soon, thinking it will make it easier but it makes it ten times harder. ;)


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