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12-1-12 AMOOPX Day 7 (1975)

AMOOXP Day 7: 1975

This is the first Christmas of which I have many memories. I was recovering from the chicken pox. Both Me-Maw, Mammammy, and Grandaddy were here. I think Mammammy and Grandaddy had already moved in to the guest room that had the window looking out on the little tree in the backyard. I would stand on the bed and stare out and hope I could see it grow if I waited long enough.

So Me-Maw stayed in my room and I slept on a cot in Mom and Dad's room. I remember it was near the dresser, along the wall that shared the door into the hall. 

Playing with the Nativity scene the night before Christmas, waiting to do the stockings. The day of Christmas Eve always passed more slowly than every other day of the year. It was torture. I may have taken it out on the Baby Jesus.

Showing off the last of the pox scars. I had them all down my throat. I don't do anything half way, baby. I still carry the scar of the one you see between my eyes and I can still see the very light scar still on my left hand, too. 

Finally! Check it out! Sock Monkey! And Mom is doing her best Snow White Evil Queen impression. I always got one apple, one orange, and a handful of walnuts in my stocking, without fail.

Dad with his stocking, and some righteous pants to go with that red shirt and green socks.

Now I remember the cot very vividly because I remember being woken up Christmas morning from that spot to get dressed and come in to the living room, where my desk had appeared overnight. 

Age 5 and ready to start writing.

I just love this one for so many reasons. Everyone is laughing, both of my grandmothers are rocking the pantsuits, and there are those paper Frosty and Mrs. Frosty Snowpeople that I looked forward to unfolding every year, listening to their tissue paper crunch as they folded back around into a circle. I loved Mrs. Frosty's pretty red tissue jacket and hat and always thought Mr. Frosty really got the short end of the stick on apparel. 

Unwrapping the Weebles Treasure Island set! (I'd gotten the tree house in July for my birthday.) And see that paper sack under the record player? Filled with walnuts. 

Playdough and Walking Baby Loves You. You squeezed her hands and it activated a line in each of her legs so she would do a little Nazi goose step with each press.

Mom dressing up Grandaddy

I would love to know the conversation going on here, over Mom's annual tradition of chocolate covered cherries. 
Dad shows off his giant Baylor paperweight ring and I'm eyeing that Pink Panther gumball bank.

The WWII Flying Ace strikes again
Oooh, pants!

Me-Maw's friend would send me Madame Alexander dolls. 
This year it was Little Red Riding Hood.

The young executive with her Raggedy Ann and Andy desk set to go on her new desk considers carefully how to invest her windfall.

My whole room was Raggedy themed, bedspread, curtains, and now a stapler, pencil sharpener, and date/pencil holder set to boot. And I'm wearing some fresh new footies. 

Mammammy plays with Nazi baby loves you.
 Note the swinging necklace -- that baby could goose-step!


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