Saturday, December 1, 2012

12-1-12 AMOOXP place holder Day 7.5 Sorting Out the Years

1972 Placeholder

The Christmas mystery film turns out to be 1972. One of the years I thought was 1972 was a second batch of 1973, proving that you can look younger depending on the outfit you're wearing, even when you're only 3.  I corrected the previous 1972 entry to 1973 Part II.

The bigger mystery is how, in my endless cataloging  and scanning I could possibly have missed the slide reel of Christmas 1972.

It would appear I not only have to visit Mom and Dad's very soon to record the missing Christmas 1974 home movies (Dad, start threading the machine now, please) that are missing from the vault, but also pull out the old scanner (my current one doesn't do slides) and get the missing Christmas photos into the collection.


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