Thursday, December 6, 2012

12-6-12 AMOOXP Day 12 (The Braces Years)

Since I'm only doing these for a month and I am well past thirty, I can afford to throw a few years together. I'm 42 and the sting of those awkward, awful junior high years is still with me. We'll just get all of those over with in one go, shall we?


My, my Polaroid camera, and my cat on Christmas Eve. It was a tradition for me to read Luke 2 aloud before we opened presents that night. 

The year of games and more games... and a hat.

This one was snapped when I was reacting to some remark Mammammy made. I can say with some certainty this was the only time that hat and those gloves got worn. 


Christmas Eve Eve. Since we did our Christmas on Christmas Eve, we did stockings the night before. There's my orange!

And Mammammy and Grandaddy get suitcases. 
I look at this and wonder, why? Where did they ever go?

The year of Garfield

And the Pac-Man phone (and the Atari!)

and socks  

and something E.T. related

I remember being so proud that I picked out that VW Beetle mug for mom.

Me-Maw and Christie

Walt and Aunt Dot

The whole crew, except for Dad who was playing photographer




Underwear. A Christmas Staple.

The group photo thing was a tough one this year. I think we have half a dozen of these, where I cannot stop cracking up.

and one relatively normal, or as close as we can get.


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