Monday, December 17, 2012

12-17-12 Weekend Roundup

Nick pulled in Saturday afternoon, home for the holidays.

And his first request, strangely, was to go eat Mexican food. He's been in Texas for the past four months and he wants Mexican food in Colorado? Strange. But fine by me!

After dinner, Sam and I took in our yearly rite of the Nutcracker. Since she needs to attend a couple of live performances each semester for choir credit, we've been doing this every Christmas. Next time, for her senior year, I'm springing for tickets to the Colorado Ballet's performance.

The last photo of the weekend is courtesy of two overgrown children. To be fair, Nick did call shotgun. We had to make the rounds in the neighborhood to decide which houses to vote for in the Christmas lights contest. On Sunday evening we attended the neighborhood's progressive dinner party, met some nice neighborhood folks, and didn't take a single picture. 


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