Monday, December 10, 2012

12-10-12 A Russian Perspective

My friend was in an accident over the weekend, nothing serious, but with some strange parallels to the only accident I've had in decades. 

She just got her Volvo in September and the Porsche owner whose transmission went out right in front of her had bought his Cayenne around the same time. His rear bumper was damaged, and her front end (still waiting to find out if they have to total it). She said he was a really nice guy who'd not been in an accident in thirty years, a retired architect no less. I told her we'd both been lucky to get nice guys who didn't come out cursing and screaming and threatening bodily injury. 

The man I rear ended, nearly ten years ago now, when he stopped very quickly to avoid an oncoming, not-yielding idiot on the bypass as we were exiting the highway, had a brand new Cadillac and my mini-van was new as well. He turned out to be priest from the next parish over. I guess he couldn't have come out screaming and cursing, whether he wanted to or not, right?

Then, this morning, I come across the NPR blog linked above that puts it all in perspective. It also makes me want to install a dash cam.


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