Monday, December 3, 2012

12-3-12 AMOOXP Day 9 (1978)

Skipping a year because, yet again, I've found a gaping hole and am missing 1977.

If my sleuthing holds up, all of today's old Christmas photos were taken in 1978. I'd have tried to split these up and assign some to 1977 if it hadn't been for this:

Look at those teeth,  is the first thing I think when I look at this picture. But on second look, I'm wearing a purple striped sweater over a white long-sleeved shirt and holding up a new blue striped outfit that then appears, most likely the next day, when Me-Maw, Aunt Dot, Christy, and Walt came to visit.

I can also tell from this angle we've got the pool table installed in the front room. I'm not sure if it was new this year or last. I do remember playing Walt at pool this year, but I have to use my little girl cue, which Sam still uses.

And then was this picture, with what appears to be a school-made hat that puts me in the mind of the pope, and in glitter, just out of sight is the year,  . . . dangit. But behind me is a clock:

That matches up with this present I've unwrapped in the sweater:

So I am reasonably sure all of this is from the same year.

I can't see this picture without hearing, "amusingly enough," Vincent Price's voice.

 The piano has moved since the first year, and so has the tree, and it looks like we got rid of the green leatherette couch, too.

and Mom shows off the Christmas note of the year.
(We also never took the Super8 out again as far as I can tell.)


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