Sunday, December 9, 2012

12-9-12 Snickerdoodle Success

A bit of snow overnight and I was ready to attempt Snickerdoodles again.

Last week, I whipped up a batch and they turned out crappy, little hockey pucks that didn't spread and didn't taste right. The only thing I'd discovered I didn't have on hand after I'd started was Cream of Tartar, which didn't make sense to me. Cream of Tartar shouldn't make that much of a difference, right? As it turns out, Cream of Tartar is naturally formed sediment in wine barrels and is half of what makes up baking powder (the other half is baking soda, which is also in the cookie recipe). In other words, I could've used baking powder last week instead of the missing Cream of Tartar and baking soda and had the same thing.  It stabilizes egg whites and sugar to keep them from crystallizing and adding volume. But since I'm a traditionalist, I went out and bought more CoT and did it the way Mom's recipe dictates today. I also decided, although the date on the Crisco was fine, it wasn't fresh enough, so I replaced that as well. 

So while I beat up a storm (the other secret is to beat the hell out of the batter)

Evan prayed for something to drop.

Then you roll the dough into little balls, and drop them into sugar and cinnamon,

and bake by the dozen.

And then you lick the beaters while you wait. 
Sam said she wanted one and Bob told her the price was a picture. 
She paid.

The secret to Snickerdoodle success!

Ta-da! They spread and crisped up just right this time.

Last week's failure compared to today's batch.

(And puppies who patiently wait for their own cookies while you take pictures.)


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