Friday, December 7, 2012

12-7-12 AMOOXP Day 13

AMOOXP Day 13 (1984 and 1985)

1984: Behind me is my first SLR camera which was new this year. 
And my horse blanket, which I still have, although it's quite a bit less fluffy these days.

One of the main features of the boom box I asked for was that it quietly opened for the cassette.
 I can't quite remember why this was such an important feature, though.

The group shot, with Christy blinking.

And the group shot with Walt blinking. 
I should photoshop heads together for one decent one.

We did better the next year:


This was the year Mammammy decided my Victoria Anne stocking wasn't going to cut it and bought a big, oversized one to put the Gund polar bear in, along with a bunch of cassettes and jewlry (and an apple, orange, and walnuts). That bear became Nicholas' lovey that he would never go to sleep without. I had named him Trest (a combination of important names to me) but he became and will forever be "Old Bear" per Nicholas. He is carefully tucked away, having been loved almost into oblivion now.

The year of Mom's weight set

and, all things in balance, Godiva chocolates.

and a big white fluffy robe.


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