Saturday, December 8, 2012

12-8-12 AMOOXP Day 14


1986 & 1987

Drunk on Christmas Eve, apparently. 
That red GAP bag is my Joe Versus the Volcano luggage. 
I use that thing to this day and it still looks almost new. 

Couldn't tell ya, as much as mystery now as then...

And the car stereo! Now I can play my cassette tapes in the Cutlas.

I forget why MM was so dressed up this year.

Christmas Day with the Saltsman side of the family

What I can't remember is why we have that tiny little TV in the living room. 
The cable box on top is as big as it is.

The only shot I can find of us around the piano to sing carols. 

The day after Christmas. I have a driver's license for the first time, and money to burn. I spent the day shopping, which included the very purple gap sweater (with shoulder pads) and plaid shirt underneath. 


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