Sunday, December 23, 2012

12-23-12 AMOOXP Day 29

2006 and 2007

2006 was a Disney Christmas

And while we were at WDW, Bob got the call setting up an interview with the Colorado School of Mines. We were pretty sure a move was coming.

The last Christmas Pajamas in Navasota

Nick's new laptop

Sam's new bike

Reindeer Katy

Nick solves the money trap puzzle

Santa Sammi

Christmas at the Masks

We didn't have a Christmas with the Saltsman's in 2006.


The First Colorado Home Christmas

Creepy Santa at Mom and Dad's

Sam makes sure to put Mimi between her and Santa.

I think he liked this one.

And then the next day, we set out from Colorado Springs to drive all the way back to Navasota for a late Christmas with the Masks.

So there were a lot of Colorado themed Christmas presents,

and plenty of Rock Band to go around.


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