Saturday, December 22, 2012

12-22-12 The Saltsman House Christmas Concert

Almost a month ago I sent an email to everyone you see in the videos below, warning them this was coming. To everyone's credit, they played along cherrily. Between the piano that needs tuning and the voices that need more tuning, it turned out better than I expected.

The one time we tried more than the first verse, things got messy, since Sammi, Dad, and I were going off of one hymnal and Bob, Nick, and Mom had older hymnals whose verse 3 Silent Night did not match ours. You'll see them all get quite confused at that point.

Silver Bells (Mom's favorite)
For the record, you don't double up on "soon it will be Christmas Day" at the end of the first chorus!

White Christmas, un-Drifter style

And later, Drifter Style... sort of.

O Come All Ye Faithful and It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Silent Night

Nick's final selection and Katy's critique


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