Monday, December 17, 2012

12-17-12 God in School

Did I blog about going back to Facebook? Well, if not, there it is. I went back. I missed seeing people's pictures of their kids and their travels and keeping up with births and deaths and discussions.

What I didn't miss, and still don't, and never will, is some of the inane posts that I have to physically restrain myself (not easy to do, by the way, and very unflattering) from responding to. 

But here, I need to say one thing, at least once, on one particularly troublesome topic.

The Newton school shootings had nothing to do with God not being allowed in schools.

God is not kept out of schools. In fact, if I might speak for the Almighty for a just minute, God is not terribly worried about being "allowed" to do anything. 

If you serve a god who can be kept out . . .  of anything  . . . by anyone. . .  you don't serve much of a god at all.

For my part, I am quite certain God was there, in the heroic acts of the adults who died trying to save their children; in the heroic acts of those who comforted the frightened, hid with them in closets and bathrooms and told them they loved them; in the quick action by the first responders who ran in without thought for their own safety and probably shortened the killing spree; and, yes, even in the classrooms where the killer executed 6 and 7 year olds at close range. Whether He whispered them home or just scooped them up piggy-back style, I can't say. 

But shame on you Mike Huckabee and all those of your ilk, whose limited view of God cheapens Christianity for millions, and for suggesting God's grace could not extend to these innocents because of the separation of church and state.

No, how silly of me. Of course laws against assault rifles wouldn't help. Better systems in place to aid those who have no where to turn for their children's mental health? Rubbish. It's because we don't have a public prayer on the PA system every morning!

I am Adam Lanza's mother. 

To those of you who continually post pictures of Jesus holding the little children and then follow it up with lovely posts about how it is your by-God right to own as many guns as you want, I offer you this, so it'll all come together for you.


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