Saturday, December 15, 2012

12-15-12 AMOOXP Day 21


Samantha developed a phobia of strangers, thanks to countless doctor visits and needles and blood draws. Every time I tried taking her for photographs after six months age, the second I would set her down, she would start crying. We might have made it with Santa if they hadn't told me I was blocking the light and needed to move farther away. Nicholas on the other hand, was quite happy to have Santa all to himself. You can see him describing the Bat Plane he wants with hand motions.

So we tried photo shots at home. 

That face on Nicholas says, "Heh. I'm the good one."

But when you could catch her relaxed? Just look at that face.

On Christmas Eve day:

Christmas Even with the Masks

And Nicholas was having a little harder time this year letting Sam enjoy her presents without him. Last year it was rattles and diaper bags. This year, toys!

After presents, Nicholas sets out the milk and cookies (chocolate milk!)

And hay for the reindeer on the front lawn.

And Muna reads The Night Before Christmas pop-up book with Nicholas, who is most fascinated by the Santa popping out of the chimney.

Christmas Jammies!

And Santa brought the "Bat Castle"

And Pap and Mimi brought the Musical Chair

There's the Bat Plane he was talking to Santa about.

Yeah, it's a good life.


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