Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12*12*12 AMOOXP Day 18

Happy 12³  

Goodbye the to only twelve years in a century that we got to triple the digit. 

I do like that the month of old Xmas photo's year today is 1993, not because it fits with any cool repeating date, but because it was the first Christmas I had Nicholas.

He has a pretty cool birthdate himself, 1/9//93 which spells out the year of his birth.

And this made him just shy of a year old on his first Christmas, which is pretty nice, because little babies on their first Christmas (Sam) don't have nearly as much fun.

Not true for the boy.

He was into everything as soon as he learned how to scoot. By Christmas, he was walking. 

We had moved into an apartment in Huntsville just across the street from the mall in September of that year. The second brutal summer in the little rental house without central AC and an active baby was more than I could take. Bob was working two jobs, both as a guard for TDCJ and as the mall security cop while I finished my Master's work. That meant when I was in class, he was working his third job as Nicholas chaser. The man was tired, a lot. 

New PJs for Christmas

But I digress. 

We had moved into an apartment and realized that the only Christmas tree that would be safe from the whirling dervish that was Nicholas Anderson Mask was a little table top tree way up on the kitchen's bar. (We didn't have a dining room. That little space had been taken over by my drawing/writing table and bookshelves.)

So the Saltsmans and Blaylocks came on Christmas Eve to celebrate around our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and watch the Nicholas show. It was a good time. 

It should be noted I am wearing the same sweatshirt I'd decorated last year, and it was quite huge this time around. Our two dogs who had come to live with us in the past year from the shelter were Lady (getting loved by Nicholas above) and Houdini.

(The tree is directly behind Nicholas.)

Then on Christmas Day, we headed over to Navasota for the Mask/Wilson get together

And it was the year of the Nicholas streaking through the house, nothing but Christmas socks and baby buns, which he will never live down thanks to having the camera on hand at just the right moment. 

I think he was after the cookies.

Part of the Christmas haul, 1993

And the obligatory Walmart Christmas photos

How could you possibly resist that smile?


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