Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11-14-12 The Gallery Week 123: The 80s

England,  June 1987, Age 16

Ah, a theme I couldn't resist. This week's Gallery entries can be found here.

My contribution is a two-fer, because there was no deciding between 

(Left) Susan and I at the Dover Ferry about to head to Paris, her in the Coke rugby everyone had to have, and her shiny 80s jacket over it.Me in my Opus t-shirt, acid washed jacket (just bought in London the day before because this Houston girl had not expected cold weather in June!) and new Union Jack hat unable to flatten the spiral perm giganticness of my hair.


(Right) Me standing with Susan, having just arrived in London, wearing those flipping awesome two-toned high-waisted, tapered ankle jeans and puffy Reebok high-tops, with popped shirt collar.

You can understand the impossible dilemma, hence the collage cheat.

Edited to add -- not as much of a cheat as I thought now that I've looked at every one else's!
Let's just set aside the realization that I am feeling quite old, since half of the participants were little children in the 80s,

More 80s goodness for the fun of it:

1980, rabbit coat and Dad's blue, blue suit.

1983. I guarantee you my mother dressed me for Easter.

Same year, much more my speed. I couldn't count how many of those izod shirts I went through.

Garfield was very big (and new) in the 80s.

PacMan phone

Socks. I seem to get a lot of socks for Christmas. 
These socks were to, doubtless, color coordinate in 80s style.
And check out the old black and white TV with antenna behind me.

1984, feathered wings and desert boots in New Mexico

1985, with so many ruffles and bows

 1985 along the San Antonio riverwalk, still in izods, and K-Swiss

I think this was the same vacation that summer, just more 80s goodness in pink pants to go around.

1985, asymmetrical hair style and sweater (with barely visible Swatch watch)

1986, yes I had bleached out bangs on which I regularly put colored mousse (electric blue, hot pink). And a cut off flashdance inspired shirt. And check out the giant earrings and colored socks that came out of the stocking that year! 

1986, Garfield, Boom Box, ankle boots, and clothes from the Gap

1986 Guess Jeans and I distinctly remember taping big shoulder pads inside that sweatshirt.

1988. And it just does not get more 80s than the beret.


  1. Fabulous! Those could only have been taken in the 80s! A union jack cap is what everyone needs over their big hair and big earrings!

  2. Wow, feel like I've just watched you grow up before my very eyes. Great pics x