Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11-27-12 AMOOXP Day 3 (1971)

 AMOOXP Day 3: 1971

I am 17 months old and we've only recently moved our of our apartment and into our new house at 10210 Kirkdale, which may explain why there is absolutely nothing on the walls. That golden book I'm holding is the album into which all of my baby pictures have gone this past year and a half and will continue to go for several more years. It it the book out of which these pictures will be removed and digitized, in fact.

It's Christmas morning and I'm in yellow. I look terrible in pastels, but mom loves the ruffles, I'm sure. Babies always look pasty anyway. Maybe it was yellow to match the piano. Or the banana. The presents this year, as you can see, include three new baby dolls I can torture, lots of clothes (hopefully some without ruffles), something to hammer on, a table and tea set, and the yellow piano. 

Plus, from another angle, my Chiquita ride-on banana and a little red wagon. What a haul.

Clearly a prodigy at 17 months, I am playing while standing and holding my chair. 

Different house, different ruffly pastel shirt. . .  at Me-Maw's, giving a look I still use pretty often today.

And this Santa guy has got to go. 


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