Monday, November 19, 2012

11-19-12 The Show

Richard Marx and . . .  Leftover Salmon? K.....

Apart from getting us nearly run over, stared down by a couple of mall cops because I was driving through the alley, and leaving the tickets in the car, it went pretty smoothly. Laura and I got to the Mountain Sun Pub at 5:15 and with carrot cake and coffee, wasted enough time to arrive just a few minutes after the doors opened. Then we had to walk back to the car to get the tickets. Inside, there's a young guy with a small table of Marx stuff, including a t-shirt. It's from last summer's run and they were down to nothing but gigantic XXLs, one XL, and one small when we arrived.  Laura and I bought the S and XL and, after trying both on, we agreed her girls were distorting RM's face way more than mine and I'm now hoping the muffin top isn't too obvious until I can shed some more pounds. Hey, it's a concert tee for 70% off, muffin top or not.

We stop by the bar for a special, which was a caramel something that was way too sweet for my taste, and then head into the theater.

The above was taken because I didn't think I could adequately convey how intimate last night's concert actually was. I only held the camera up for a couple of seconds because, honestly, I am a fan girl, but filming from the feet up was a little much.

The theater seating chart shows the orchestra section/pit taking up probably ten feet between row 1 and the stage. But apparently, since it was an acoustic show and no one was going to be hopping up and dancing, they decided to set up chairs for rows 1 through 5, with row 1 just narrow enough for one person to walk down the aisle and sit. We set our drinks on the stage before the show.

(We could also view the set list in front of the amp. )
Being this close also causes my mind to wander and wonder about odd little things... 

like whether, if the spotlight hit them, you could be blinded by those shiny, shiny shoes. 

And what elixir might be contained in that Blues Brothers mug. . .

Very informal, relaxed, and fun. A few folks shouted out questions and song suggestions, Brian from the audience got a whole bit, if he didn't mind being made fun of, for shouting out "Free Bird," and we got to hear about how much more awesome the guys from REO Speedwagon were compared to Night Ranger (both of whom Marx opened for when he was starting out.) We learned why he decided very early on to go by Richard. And of any song written, which one would he wish he had writing credit on? Gabriel's "Red Rain." And should you ever attend a Bryan Adams concert, don't forget to shout out Marx song titles at him.

A few moments and pictures from last night:

After playing the hit he wrote for Keith Urban, "Long Hot Summer" he followed it up with this gem: 

And the last song of the night, as I'd hoped:

Thanks again for the lovely company and harmonies, Laura. 
I promise to make karaoke night with you ASAP!

Set List:
1. Endless Summer Nights
2. Take This Heart
3. Satisfied
4. Keep Coming Back
5. One Thing Left
6. Hazard
7. When You Loved Me
8. Long Hot Summer
9. How Can I Miss You
10. Save Me
11. Through My Veins (only song on piano)
12. Angelia (unplugged)
13. Over My Head
14. Hold On to the Nights
15. Now and Forever
16. The Way She Loves Me
17. This I Promise You
18. Should've Known Better

19. Don't Mean Nothin'
20. Right Here Waiting For You
21. Alleluia

The Obscure Song of the Day List, all in one convenient place!

#3  Colder
#1  Alleluia


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