Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11-14-12 The Obscure Richard Marx Song of the Day #5

Obscure Song #5: "That was Lulu"

proving Dave Koz's hairstyle will always trump the Marx mullet in the annals of bad 80s hair

I've stayed away from the first two albums primarily because more than half of the tracks on each hit the charts, when the almost three straight years of touring had him filling arenas around the world and both albums went uber-platinum, so millions of people listened to all of these songs, over and over. 

But we've got to have a least one lesser known, odd duck off of these, right?

My pick today is the oddest of the bunch on the Repeat Offender album, which was his most popular album of all. Marx didn't write the lyrics. He did, however, wear the heck out of that leopard and black fringe jacket. 

I'm guessing Lulu is not only a bad news kind of girl, but also some larger metaphor for bad luck in general, but I still haven't quite worked the whole thing out, after 23 years.

Lulu's there when your airplane just happens to crash
Still she walks away without even a scratch
Leaving in flames but she never leaves her name...

Best trivia for you on this one: Paul Warren is lead guitar, but don't miss Jon Walmsley  (far right in the denim shirt looking at the live version above).  For you other children of the 70s out there, Jon played Jason Walton of those Waltons.

pre-mullet days


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