Thursday, November 29, 2012

11-29-12 from the "But . . . why?" Files

I freely admit, I probably enjoy Pinterest a little too much. For a visual person, it's internet candy.

But there are times when I stare at a pin and think, not only did someone do/make this, but someone else thought, "WOW! I need this (or need to try this), let me pin it!"

And I'm sitting there thinking, "but . . . but . . .  why?"

So, of course, at that point, I have to save it. 

Dye your hair six different glow in the dark colors and then braid it! Brilliant!

If you won't allow yourself to eat bread, slapping your turkey inside an entire cucumber is not going to be a satisfying substitute. Just, ew.

Not only would this sleeve make me absolutely batty, 
but I also can't stop staring at the odd indentation of her left breast.Silicone too heavy?

This is what my hair looks like when I get out of bed, maybe worse. There's a tutorial for that.

And finally, the winner of this round:

The almost $1300.00 horror that is, hysterically, Daf Booty.


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