Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11-28-12 AMOOXP Day 4 (1973, Part II)

A Month of Old Xmas Photos Day 4: 1973, Part II

The average home price is $32,500, the average income $12,900, and a gallon of gas costs .40 cents. It's the year that President Nixon resigns, the year the World Trade Center becomes the tallest building in the world, Wounded Knee is seized by AIM, and the year Billy Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs in the "Battle of the Sexes."

At three and a half, none of this means anything to me. 

But getting footies in my stocking, like Mammammy always wears, 
which are little brightly colored, furry ankle socks, are the best thing ever.

Here we have Billy May's Rudolph Mambo, since it appears with a little instruction I could turn it into the Christmas Present Mambo. One step forward, two steps back...

Post distribution, in which I have lain everyone's presents out in lines (piles just won't do.)

If you spotted Pop-n-Fresh in the stocking picture above, from the night before Christmas, you'll be comforted to know he only had to spend one night alone before being joined by Poppy.

In the background, the Peanuts drum which I'm sure my parents did not buy, since they had to live with me and it together under the same roof. Plus, in the foreground, some groovy pants.

Choosing which present to open next.

Daddy's presents are never as interesting as mine, but I try to seem happy for him.


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